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Al-Furqan Quran Teaching Center

Enrollment Terms and conditions
• It is imperative to fill up the form and indicate the course number.
• Copy of the student ID have to be attached.
• Student less that 18 will not be enrolled in techer training certification.
• Payment of Tuition fees in an amount of 155 Saudi Riyals only = USD $42
• Payment of the study material pack in an amount of 45 Saudi Royals only = USD$12
The content of the pack comprises of
1. Text book on Noorania
2. Audio CD on Noorania
3. DVD – Audiovisual for Noorania
4. Ammah chapter(DVD) – Audiovisual
5. DVD – Audiovisual with a book containing the last 3 chapters( (العشر الاخير
6. The practical Method of Learning & teaching
7. The annual guide for the conduct of and follow-up student and nawaw’s forty

Award of Certification :

1. The success certificate of qaidah Noorania will be awarded to those who score )A( in their exams results i.e. 90% and above.Holder of this certificate become eligible for teaching the qaidahNooraniathe in schools for students only.
2. Those whose score is less than 90% don’t have the right to claim a certificate of success. The same applies to those who fail to apply the qaidah Nooraniaon Ammha Chapter of the Quran.

3. Failure : Failing student have the right to sit for another exam after the elapse of three months period of the previous exam date. Fees for the repeated exam is a nominal amount of 50 SR only =$14.

4. Improving the score : Those who desire to have a better score will have to wait for a year period and sit for another exam for 50 SR nominal fees = $14. The results of the reaped exam will be printed and duly stamped on the back page of the initial certificate.

5. Loss of certificate : The center does not issue a second original certificate in case of loss. A duplicate copy may be stamped for authentication purposes for an amount of 50 SR only =$14. .

6. For those interested in the test without participating in the session: It has been canceled this option.

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